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HEUREKA Conference

20 June

HEUREKA – The Founders Conference is hosted by Vertical Media, publisher of the online magazine Gründerszene. With more than 800 attendees, it is one of the biggest events for founders in the German startup scene. Since 2011, HEUREKA has inspired and prepared young entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts for their long and winding journey as a founder. Furthermore, the conference introduces them to like-minded founders and investors, facilitating meaningful connections.

The 2017 edition of HEUREKA is all about founders’ stories. In talks across two stages and in workshops, we will share success stories, and stories of failure, from across the digital landscape. Our lineup this year features new and old faces from the startup community. Mark Williams, co-founder of Firefly Vapor, joins from the Valley to discuss market entry into the digital weed business. Florian Bräunlein of Research Labs demonstrates how to manipulate plane tickets in a live hack. Not to mention the panel “Berlin – Living in the founder’s paradise?” brings together several of Berlin’s most renowned founders: Jan Beckers (Hitfox), Maru Winnacker (Oona Project) and Gen Sadakane (EyeEm). Together they will explore what makes Berlin a startup hub and explain how the city affected their businesses.

HEUREKA is an “invitation only” event. Prospective attendees qualify for a ticket by applying through an application template. The event welcomes everyone interested in or currently founding a startup, as well as those who are looking to invest in digital business models. We handle tickets this way in order to ensure we create a platform where all attendees can establish meaningful contact with other participants and leave the conference with new and valuable insights.

HEUREKA Conference