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Karneval der Kulturen

2 - 5 June

A weekend full of music, dance, pleasure and joy of life – the Karneval der Kulturen celebrates each year since 1996 during the Whitsun weekend, the diversity of the world in the middle of Berlin.

On Pentecost Sunday the big parade between Herrmannplatz and Yorckstraße presents colorful cultural diversity of the city of Berlin. Each of the parade groups chooses a different theme, which will be artistically implemented. Most players live in Berlin, but participants are also coming from all over the world. They are amateurs and professionals, adults and children and enchanted representing with masks and costumes, playing music and dancing spectators. Accompanied by large figures, fanciful props and lovingly decorated floats the parade gives for nine hours an inspiring proof of the vitality, the inventiveness and the diversity of this city.

The street festival: Four days program on four stages and a lawn in action – the internationality of Berlin can be experienced at the street fair around the Blücherplatz with all senses. Approximately 100 bands and DJs present the musical diversity of the city in front of a large open-minded audience. Interactive actions, street theater and workshops on the lawn complement the musical program on the stages, especially for families and children. Approximately 300 stalls are loaded with culinary and artisan temptations to linger. The Green area at provides a space for projects and companies that are involved in terms of sustainability. Visitors will find targeted information products and “instructive” entertainment.

Karneval der Kulturen
2nd- 5th of June 2017 Streetparty
4th of June 2017 Carnival Parade

Karneval der Kulturen