Schlagwort: Torstraßenfestival

Torstraßen Festival 2017

In cooperation with venues, cafés, shops and bars in our neighborhood the curators Andrea Goetzke, Kevin Halpin, Norman Palm und Melissa Perales put on a music festival: Starting out as a matinée one day festival, over the years TSF has turned into a four day event that takes a current look into the local and international music scenes and encourages: community, discovery, and diversity.

Torstraßen Festival sees the festival goers and their own team as explorers, who are not afraid to trust their curiosity. The festival presents music that feels at this moment relevant, locally and in the world at large. It strives to be a forum for current developments within Berlin’s music scenes and beyond, promoting and supporting local artists, transients and their influencers.

The festival works with a mix of old and new structures in the neighborhood Berlin Mitte and invites the neighbors to participate. It showcases and supports venues that bring music culture into the city, many of them for years. And it cultivates a few unlikely venues which allow the music to shine in a new light. It provides a meeting place for the various music scenes in the city, and keeps ticket prices affordable to encourage new musical discoveries for fans, neighbours and music lovers.

Torstraßen Festival